July 2015 WGMSAR yearly firearms training.  Training was conducted under the direction and supervision of our range officer Doug Pilgrim of Norcross, GA

Bobby Weaver search in Covington, GA 2015, with Newton County Sheriffs Office and CUE Missing persons.  During a search byWGMSAR and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) for missing person Robert (Bobby Weaver, III), human remains were found Saturday.

At approximately 1:30 p.m. search teams located human remains about a mile from where Weaver was last sighted, according to Morrison.

 The Floyd County Sheriff’s Volunteer Posse helped find the body of a Newton County man missing since 2013.

Sheriff Tim Burkhalter announced Monday that the remains of Robert "Bobby" Weaver III were found Sunday after an exhaustive search through dense vegetation and tough terrain.

Weaver was 27 when he disappeared on the night of Sept. 5, 2013, while walking his dog in the area of Ga. 142 and Stone Road in Covington. Details posted by the Center for Missing Persons state that Weaver had a medical condition that may have caused him to have a staggered walk.

The Center and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office asked for assistance from a four-wheeler team on Saturday and Sunday. FCSO posse members Marcia Ely, Dale Hulsey, John Mull, Amy Rice, Marshall Rice and Mike Williams responded with their own vehicles and equipment.

The Floyd County volunteers, trained in search and rescue, worked with Kelly Walker with the Center, Sgt. Cortney Morrison of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and West Georgia Mounted Search and Rescue to find Weaver’s remains. 

WGMSAR Searches

UPDATE:  Chase Massner remains have been found in Kennesaw, GA at the house of his friend under a concrete slab.  WGMSAR on the Chase Massner search in Kennesaw, Georgia June 2015 with Missing in America group and SGMSAR from Vidalia, GA..

WGMSAR search November 2014 for Mr. Gilley Carrollton, GA.  Here is the search team 2014 along with Captain Richards Incident Commander of the Carroll County Sheriffs Department. Thanks for your support, Captain. Glad we could help.Very Successful search helping Carroll County, GA Sheriffs Office. Successful search and found in fair health.

Some of the Law Enforcement Agencies that WGMSAR has participated with.

Carroll County Sheriffs Office
Carrollton City Police Department
Coweta County Sheriffs Office
Douglas County Sheriffs Office
Douglasville City Police Department
Floyd County Sheriffs Office
Haralson County Sheriffs Office
Heard County Sherrif's Office
Newton County Sheriffs Office
Troup County Sheriffs Office

Walton County Sheriff's Office
Tennesse Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Crystal A. search in Douglas County 25 June 2016.  This was a 10 year old female that had gone missing from her home.  This was a joint effort with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, and Alpha K-9 Team.  Ga State Patrol participated along with their helicopter.  Child was located by WGMSAR President Norm Brazel within 90 minutes of dispatch of the horses. Heat index was 106 degrees. 

WGMSAR monthly training meeting November 2015 at Little Tallapoosa Park, Carrollton, GA

David McClain search at Franklin, GA 30 March 2016.  This search was in coordination with the Heard County Sherrif's Office and other volunteer law enforcement personnel.  We had 6 Team Members that participated in the search for Mr McClain.  Fortunately he was located within 90 minutes of WGMSAR being dispatched.  He was found well since he had been lost for 2 days.  Always a great feeling when you can recover a missing person in good health.  Great team work Nancy, Judy, Jean, John, Brenda and Norm. Here is the link for the Heardcitizen.com newspaper about this serch. http://www.heardcitizen.com/mounted-search-team-crucial-in-recovery-of-missing-man