Our Co-Founders 

UPDATE:  WGMSAR has just entered into a new generation of communications for our searches. We have upgraded our repeater to a Kenwood 850 plus a new 7-foot antenna and the necessary power supply and duplex needed to complete the package. Loudon Communication in Douglasville build our new repeater and we are looking forward to having better communications for our training and searches. This was all made possible by a donation from Kim Duke of Freight Air & Sea Transport of Morrow. GA. WGMSAR certainly appreciates Kim and her company for all their help and belief in our cause in helping Law Enforcement when needed. Thanks, Kim.

Base Camp

​“Our priority is service so that others may live”

Team Members and Partners.

4th of July 2016 Parade at Carrollton, GA.  Our WGMSAR team and horses were the only horses allowed in the parade.  The spectators were very appreciative of the service that we provide to the community.  The team members did a great job representing our organization.

2017 Founders Day Parade at Roopville Georgia.  This was WGMSAR 3rd year and all had a great time.  

People get hurt and lost all the time. Most of the available resources are provided by law enforcement and other county agencies.  Our function is to assist them in expanding their search and rescue efforts in the hope that we can locate missing and injured persons more effectively and with greater speed.

West Point, GA Search 

It is with sadness that we announce that West Georgia Mounted Search and Rescue status needs to be changed to Inactive effective 3/21/2021. I would like to thank our supporters and team members for the tremendous job that they have provided in the last 10 years.

Norm and Brenda Brazel

Executive Committee

WGMSAR receiving our grant from Carroll EMC August 16th, 2018. Appreciate all that Carroll EMC does for the community. L to R, Jean, Brenda, Norm, Kay, and John.
This was the boost that we needed to secure our new 4 wheeler that will assist on our search and rescue requests that we receive from law enforcement. 
Thank you to all our supporters. It allows us to make a difference in someone's life. — with Jean Doud,Brenda Abercrombie Brazel, Kay Piper and John-Geralynn West..

WGMSAR held its May 2019 monthly training at Clinton Park, Winston, GA on Saturday 5-18-2019.  We had instruction on utilizing our mobile communication system and its functions while on horseback out in the field.